Corporate Commitment to Data Protection


Area of application

This Code of Conduct will be mandatory for all departments, employees at our company and those who act on our behalf. 



We have established action protocols for the processing of personal data, in accordance with the provisions of Spanish and European data protection regulations, so that their security and confidentiality are guaranteed at all times.



Legality, Loyalty, Transparency, Minimization of data, Accuracy, Limitation of the conservation period, Integrity, Confidentiality and Active Responsibility.


Special category of data

The treatment of personal data that reveals ethnic or racial origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, union affiliation, the treatment of genetic or biometric data, data related to health or data related to sexual orientation is prohibited. except in the legally authorized exceptions and with the prior consent of the interested party.


Rights of interested parties

The interested parties will enjoy the right of access to their personal data, as well as to rectify them when they are inaccurate, delete them when they are no longer necessary or do not want their treatment, limit them to certain treatments, have the possibility of receiving their data easily and in formats structured and in common use of the person in charge, as well as that their data is used for the elaboration of profiles and to oppose the treatment at any time.


Activity Registration, Impact Assessment and Security Measures

Our company will carry out a record of the treatment activities and will analyze the purposes of the treatment, categories of data subjects and recipients, international transfers, storage periods, etc., to evaluate the risks of the treatment and implement security measures. necessary to safeguard personal data under the principles of confidentiality and secrecy. Likewise, we have analyzed the need to appoint a Data Protection Officer, establishing, if necessary, that the person designated for this position will comply with sufficient knowledge and experience, in accordance with the provisions of current regulations.


We have hired the services of an external consultant to carry out a periodic audit to assess compliance with this commitment and all legal obligations in this area.

The Management

 Updated July 29, 2020

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