Buyer Program

Programs aimed at importers, agents, and international clients for the internationalization and promotion of companies.

Why Participate in the Buyer Program

Buyers, due to their purchasing power and network of contacts and clients in their home market and within their sector, contribute to the promotion and internationalization of exhibiting companies at each fair.


Our buyer programs usually focus on the Nordic market, but we have also worked with buyers from Spain, Russia, Japan, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, among others.

Being accepted into an International Buyer Program involves committing to holding meetings with local exhibitors.

On the other hand, it entails some benefits, such as:

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VIP access

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Events and networking
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Pre and post tours

Who Can Participate?

As a Buyer, you must meet certain qualification criteria: be an importer, agent, or potential prescriber, have a good network of contacts and clients in the home country, and be able to represent business opportunities for exhibiting companies at a specific fair.

How Can I Participate?

Each event and Buyer Program has its unique registration and qualification process. The best way to gain access to the Programs is to register in our directory as a buyer and subscribe to our newsletter where we will inform you about our Buyer Programs.

Upcoming buyer programs you can participate in


Do you want to participate in the Buyer Program?

Opening up to new markets is possible if you have good partners at your destination. You can also directly book a consulting session.

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